Saturday, 8 December 2012

Book Section Dividers

Section dividers, in books, come in all forms. They can be multi-line breaks, asterisks ***, tildes ~ ...
At the moment, I prefer images. A lot of indie authors go through the formatting process on their own, and by the time they learn how to adjust their file and upload it in one of the required formats, I am certain they forget about section dividers.

I am also sure that more than one indie author has come across the problem of wanting a section divider and in the end decides to make do with asterisks, not knowing how to easily come by some interesting images (if the genre of book warrants them).
I decided to post a few dividers and you are welcome to use them. (It is best to download the images and not link to them.)
In case you are not comfortable using CSS in your formatting, and have qualms regarding how to add extra space above and below your surrounding text ...

... you may want to use an image with extra invisible space around it. The size concern is not too great. If you look at the properties of the two images directly above, one is 3.11 KB while the other is 3.12 KB. This way you easily separate your two text sections and do not have to additionally format these breaks.
All the images have the .PNG extension and have invisible backgrounds.

(Note: The Kindle supports PNG images, but not their transparency. The transparent background is displayed as white. Be careful with that. Perhaps this has been fixed in new devices.)

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