Thursday, 24 January 2013

A is for ...

... animals. I love animals...most of them. How about you?

Remember All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot? I read that book simply ages ago and loved it. I forgot the name of the book, forgot the author, my library, where I had borrowed it, no longer had it on stock (I searched the shelves trying to recognise the book) - yikes. Luckily, it was easy to google. British vet, animals, humour, and there it was. I was sooo pleased with myself. It was like finding a long-lost friend. I’m definitely going to buy this book online (btw I am a book hoarder). Perhaps, when I read it again, I will not enjoy it that much, but it certainly cheered me up way back (emmm...last century).

And now to get back to my post (got waylaid by James Herriot). While writing The Perses Touch, it had initially not been my intention of bringing in any of my pets. However, one of them snuck in—Suki, my German Shepherd. She was a favourite of mine and will always remain in my heart. She just had to make an appearance in this novel. I have started writing a new one and haven’t decided whether to downplay the appearance of pets or not. What do you think? A rabbit or two?

The Perses TouchA is also for apple, but that’s another story.

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