Tuesday, 25 February 2014

For the Love of Books

I love books, always have, always will. Be they paper or e-, it really does not matter. I still remember feeling unbelievably proud when I accomplished the major feat of reading my very first book. Admittedly, it was a picture book, with great pictures and several lines of text on each page. But...was it was a book? Yes! I vowed to myself that I would treasure that little hardback forever...and then...someone stole it. Ever since then I’ve jealously guarded all my books. Every move, (and I’ve moved around a lot) meant heartbreak, because it meant leaving behind a good number of my paper treasures. So, in case you are ever in the position of having to part with some of your books, remember that you will probably be able to find an e version. Unfortunately for me, I do not know who wrote my very first book. It had a light-blue cover with lots of kittens and...I loved it passionately.

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