Monday, 15 December 2014

Swords and Petals - available for pre-order on Amazon

Swords and Petals is now available for pre-order on Amazon.
It will be available for purchase December 25, but pre-order now.
(It is a Kindle Unlimited Eligible book.)

(A new adventure in the Gable Series)

There were hoots in the night, but no one heard them.

Little did Kat Queen know that her stay in Gable Village would result in an unplanned visit to Amsterdam, as well as in a daydream-stopover, with the clock turned back, in medieval Gable Borough.

Trying desperately to avoid emotional entanglement, Kat helps Damon Hedley look after a couple of abandoned owlets. She stumbles upon a small package from Egypt, dated 1896, containing a bewildering malachite stone.

Are dreams and reality intertwined? Kat struggles to find out.

The peaceful vacation turns into one of mystery, thrilling time-travel, and heart-pounding romance.

A 23,000 word novella (approximately 85 printed pages)

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