Friday, 6 March 2015

Quill and Paper

... and a bottle of ink.

No, you have it all wrong. This have nothing to do with the age old art of writing with a feather quill .

Taking a step away from my keyboard, after being engrossed (utterly and wholeheartedly) in the regency romance I am currently penning, my eyes wandered down to the keys of the afore mentioned keyboard. Yikes! The tops of the keys were gleaming, polished, shiny... all due to my vigorous punching away.  But, the sides of the keys...all matte and dusty.

Being the procrastinator that I am, I googled how to clean a keyboard. And, I do have to commend my fellow bloggers, there are tons and tons of articles, videos, what-have-you, regarding this particular science.

Q-tips worked not, I am sorry to say. I had no intention of buying any dedicated cleaners or solvents. What to do? Forget the whole thing and shut my eyes? (I do touch-type often, after all) No, that would not do. (Gosh, I even sound like one of my regency heroines).

I looked around and found a packet of glass wipes ( i.e. lens-wipes) and buffed my glasses. Inspiration! I folded the tissue and started sliding it along the sides of my keyboard keys. It worked, it works!!

Lesson learned: look around yourself and the answer shall show itself to you.

Love n stuff


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