Friday, 24 June 2016

Ever My Hero

The third book in the Ever Regency Series is available as of today.

Love is just a stone's throw away

There is nothing more important to a young lady than her introduction to Society. Ladies such as these are as plentiful as blackberries.

And then … there is Julia.

A second Season holds no appeal for Lady Julia Hunter. Barely surviving her first Season, she is once more being coerced into returning to London. Due to an unfortunate turn of events, Julia finds herself being indebted to someone whom she would much rather avoid as well as being almost glad to be leaving home.

Jason Fortescue, Earl of Linfield, returns to Ashcroft Court after many years, scarred inside and out. He is determined to keep away from any emotional embroilment. Nevertheless, the passions that have been suppressed begin to awaken when a certain young miss walks into his life and snares his heart.

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